Popular Pokemon May Not Appear in Scarlet and Violet

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Popular Pokemon May Not Appear in Scarlet and Violet

In the world of Pokemon, there are two versions of every region: red and blue. These versions are themed around the colors of the flags of the countries where they’re located. But what about Japan? Japan has its own version of the Pokemon world, one that takes place in Scarlet and Violet. These versions have different kinds of Pokemon than those found in other regions, as well as a few that don’t appear in any other version. In this blog post, we’ll explore how these two versions of the Pokemon world relate to one another. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to get your hands on some of these rarer Pokemon if you want to experience them for yourself!

What are the new colors of Pokemon?

Pokemon Red and Blue introduced the world to 151 new creatures, each with their own unique abilities and attacks. While some of these creatures have since made a reappearance in later games, others have not.

In Pokemon Yellow, for example, Typhlosion is a Fire-type creature that can set things on fire with its fiery breath. However, at least one fan theory suggests that he may appear as a Fuego type in the upcoming Pokemon Red and Blue remakes.

There are also several color variants of some of the more common monsters. For example, there are three different types of Rattata–various shades of brown. Similarly, there are two types of Geodude–a gray rock-like creature and a pink rocky variant. These variations may not be represented in the upcoming remakes however; it’s possible they’ll only be available through special events or in specific locations.

Why are they called Scarlet and Violet?

The Scarlet and Violet versions of the Pocket Monsters games are often considered more popular because they feature different pokemon. However, not all pokemon that appear in these versions will show up in other versions. For example, Togepi is exclusive to the Scarlet version while it can be found in both the Blue and Yellow versions. This phenomenon is called national Pokédex exclusivity and it’s a common occurrence in video game releases.

What Pokemon may not appear in these colors?

Different Pokémon species may not appear in Scarlet and Violet colors because they are associated with different teams. For example, Pikachu is typically associated with the yellow team, but it cannot be found in Scarlet or Violet. Other Pokémon that may not appear in these colors include Raichu, Sandslash, and Typhlosion.

What are the new Pokémon games called?

Pokémon Sun and Moon are set to release in November this year, and it looks like fans of the game franchise may have to wait a little longer for their next Pokémon outing.

According to an interview with The Guardian, the developers behind Pokémon Sun and Moon have confirmed that no new Pokémon games will be releasing in Scarlet and Violet color versions. The games are budgeted at $40million each, so it makes sense not to spend too much money on something that isn’t likely to sell many copies.

This revelation comes as a bit of a surprise given that the fanbase for these color versions is quite sizable. However, Nintendo has stated that they do not believe that the two variants of the game make financial sense.

The lack of new Pokémon games in Scarlet and Violet color variants is likely disappointing for many fans. However, with Sun and Moon set to release later this year there is still plenty of content available for players to explore.

Why are some Pokémon exclusive to one game version?

Some Pokémon are exclusive to one game version and may not appear in another. These Pokémon were either added to a new game version after its release, or they were only available in that particular game version. For example, Gyarados was added to Pokémon Red and Green Versions after their release in the 1990s, while Machamp was only available in Pokémon Yellow Version.

This type of exclusivity can be due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes developers add new features or changes to their game that make certain older Pokémon incompatible with the newer versions. In other cases, certain Pokémon may have been more popular in one region than others and so might not be included in all regions’ games.

Are any of the old Pokémon coming back?

In the upcoming Scarlet and Violet versions of the Pokémon game, several popular old Pokémon may not appear. These include Machamp, Gyarados, Dragonite, Snorlax, and Vaporeon. The developers have stated that they wanted to focus on new and exciting designs for these games, while still including some of the older Pokémon in-game. This move may be a slight disappointment to longtime fans who were hoping to see some of their favorite classics make a comeback.


As the new season of Pokemon arrives on Nintendo’s handheld systems, some players are noticing that some popular Pokemon may not be appearing in Scarlet and Violet. This has led to a lot of speculation as to why certain Pokemon would not appear in these new versions, with theories ranging from developer laziness to censorship. But whatever the reason, it seems that some fan-favorite creatures may not be making an appearance this year. It’s always exciting when a game series expands its horizons, so stay tuned for more information on what might be coming next!

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